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Camera Bosch DINION capture 5000

Operational Range 3.8 to 28.0 m (12.5 to 92.0 ft)
IR Illumination Pulsed LED array, 850 nm
Nominal Plate Width North America: 110 pixels Europe: 130 pixels (with 4CIF encoding at optimal capture distance)
Usable Plate Width North America: 80–140 pixels Europe: 100–170 pixels (with 4CIF encoding over capture range)
Maximum Capture Speed 225 km/h (140 mph) Must meet 30° mounting criteria.
Automatic Mode Switching Adjustable switch point depending on ambient light levels, mode selectable
Type 1/3-inch CCD, monochrome
Active Pixels (PAL) 752 x 582
Active Pixels (NTSC) 768 x 494
Horizontal Resolution 540 TVL
Video Output Composite video 1 Vpp, 75 ohm
Synchronization Internal only
Auto Black Automatic continuous, Off
Camera Bosch DINION capture 5000
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