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Máy dò kim loại trong thực phẩm MCD-F02

Máy dò kim loại trong thực phẩm MCD-F02

Unit Price
Body Size 1650mmL*1050mmW*900mmH
Detecting sensitivity diameter Fe0.8mm to the small scissors
Power 140w
Detecting width 600mm
Detecting height 100mm
Packing standard wooden case
Conveying speed 24m/min(50Hz).32m/min(60Hz)
sensitivity adjust 1-10 level
Net weight 230kg
Alarm  method Buzzer,Lamp

Auto-conveying Garment Needle detector adopt advanced technique of electrical and mechanism designs, which have reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, highly detection sensitivety and stable behaviors.

Scope Of Application
Mainly used for detecting ferrous metal that load or drop in raw materials and products in the field of toy, costume, shoemaking, chemical industry, leather, knittingetc.
A. High sensitivity and strong interference immunity.
B. Light structure and move conveniently.
C. Various of specifications of inspection window which can be chosen at will according to customers’ needs.
D. Quick conveying speed, applicable to pipeline operation.
E. Matches the pipeline operation or automatic control device.

Máy dò kim loại trong thực phẩm MCD-F02
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